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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Play is socially contagious. Dogs of all ages love to play because it is so much fun it makes them feel really good. There are constant negotiations going on between dogs when they play to make sure the fun continues for as long as possible. Aggression very rarely occurs as a result of play and in fact, play can be used as an ice breaker in tense situations. Play in a puppy is extremely important between 3-12 weeks of age as this is the time where they learn their social skills that will help guide them into adulthood. Not only is play important for learning social skills but it also aids in physical and cognitive development.

It is important to have a strong connection/bond between yourself and your puppy/dog. As mentioned above, all dogs of all ages love to play. A great way to bond with your dog would be through play. There are many basic commands you can teach your dog/puppy through play which you can use in your every day life.

If you would like to know more about basic commands and learning through play please contact me on either methods provided on the home page.

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